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Hotel GRMS Solution

Hotel GRMS Solutions

Guest Room Management System (GRMS) from EAE Technology is designed to ensure an exemplary and gratifying experience for your guests. Our intelligent solutions are based on interactive technology that compliments the exceptional experience you want for your guests.

Intelligent Hotel Room Features

Lighting Control

Offers flexibility to meet the visual needs of the user.

With devices that offer lighting and dim control, you can increase the comfort and convenience of the guest experience at the desired light level.

With the RGB led switches in the Mona series, you can adjust the illumination of the icons on the device to the desired color and intensity, and create a stylish look in the room.


HVAC Control

Keeping a room with the right temperature contributes to comfort needs. It is also important for energy management.



Complete automation in a guest room includes control of window shades, shutters and blinds with automation.



The integrated request buttons for “Make up Room” and” Do not Disturb”

make it possible to display the status of each room, allowing you to optimize

the scheduling of the cleaning staff.

Beside occupancy and laundary indication LEDs, product also includes a

doorbell button to announce visitors in a kindly way.


Integration with Door Lock Systems

It provides the integration of all physical security needs into an energy efficient and easy to manage system.


Integration into PMS Systems...

The following platforms are easily integrated with EAE's GRMS systems.

  • Fidelio
  • Opera
  • OnQ
  • Micros
  • Many others…

Integration into BMS Systems

The following platforms are easily integrated with EAE's KNX systems.

  • BACnet
  • Modbus
  • OPC
  • LonWorks
  • M-Bus

Energy Saving...

One of the biggest expenses of hotel businesses is energy consumption.

When there are no guests in the room, the consumption of energy due to lighting and air conditioning increases.

According to the card system or occupancy based control of KNX-Modbus Gateway, which is patent pending product, more energy saving is provided.


Operational Ease...

Hotel management will be informed immediately by EAE's GRMS solution in case of a malfunction in the facility.

Operation of the property is managed in such a way as to intervene as soon as possible in case of failure.

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The Mona series DND MUR display, where you can easily see whether your guests are in the room, consists of a glass touch screen and includes room number, hotel logo, DND, Make Up indicators and doorbell buttons.